The hair of a giant

I work with a tiny Laotian woman. Her name is Tida, and today she told us about how when she goes to the gym with her husband she tries really hard not to over do it because she burns calories too easily.  Recently she brought a bag of clothes to work that she couldn’t wear because she was swimming in them, and she thought some of us may be able to use them.  I have been wearing a few dresses from that bag as shirts lately, and I’m serious.  I’m not sure if Tida is quite 5′ tall yet.
On Saturday a first time client came into the salon, and Tida was scheduled to do her hair.  This woman was at least 7′ tall.  It was really special to see Tida on her tiptoes, and jumping around, trying to reach this woman’s head. Then, God put a stick in my eye for being amused by this, and made me blow dry the hair…and I couldn’t reach it either.  So that was something.
Another thing, today, my friend Amy had to call a client and say “Hi this message is for Amy, this is Amy calling from Bang Salon to confirm your bang trim for tomorrow.”

One Response to “The hair of a giant”

  1. whitney Says:

    I love this, and wish you would post more things because it makes me glad I know you when I read them. Also it makes me feel like you’re actually here in the flesh telling me the stories.

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