Mouse Hunter

On Sunday I was waiting for my best friend Lid to join me at the pool.  I set up the towels, and the snacks, and the sunscreens, and then my mom and I were standing around chatting. Ruby was on her leash, hunting rabbits in the bushes, as usual, and we weren’t paying that much attention to her.  Then, I glanced down at her and she was standing there, wagging her tail, looking all pleased with herself, with a huge mouse dangling out of her mouth.   I screamed, then my mom screamed, then Ruby put the mouse down on the sidewalk and went about her business. Eventually Lid showed up, and from our lawn chairs we could observe the people walking by the dead mouse on the sidewalk.  I’m sorry I couldn’t clean it up!!!  One little boy walked by with his tiny sister and we heard him tell her that the mouse was just sleeping. It was precious. Later Ruby got her teeth brushed, which she likes, because she’s a freak.


2 Responses to “Mouse Hunter”

  1. cass Says:

    There is a small mouse living in my apartment. Perhaps you could bring Ruby over to help me out? But only if Ruby promised not to hurt him. He’s very small.

  2. whitney Says:

    i’m feeling sad about not reading new blogs for a long time

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