Brothers and Sisterishes

This is me, and the most precious girl in the world, Kristen:

I am somehow lucky enough that she loves me enough to create this here caterpillar and decide that he should be mine….

I don’t have anywhere good enough for him to hang yet, so I just carry him around the house with me. He loves So You Think You Can Dance, and is relieved that this season is finally rid of tap dancing.

Kristen recently suggested that we start a support group for people whose significant others refuse to read Harry Potter.

Sean Quintana is home for a while right now.  He came into my salon for a haircut.  Everyone there has a secret Facebook crush on little Seany, so I thought I should tell Marcus in advance that he was coming, he responded by kind of yelling “Ashley’s brother is coming in!! Everybody put on your bronzer!”

Tonight Sean Quintana and I tried to scare our dad by throwing one of my mannequin heads over the railing, but it didn’t work.


One Response to “Brothers and Sisterishes”

  1. chicken Says:

    i love you!!!!!!

    can i come have a HARRCUT at your salon? get it, harrcut. ha ha. i promise i will not ask you to give me bangs.

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