Angels Among Us

I think that doggies are angels, in a way. Because, obviously, they aren’t people. But they know what people are feeling, and I think that dogs make people feel so loved, and really help us get through some things in life.  So maybe they are a little, very important, gift from God.

And I was watching Ruby this weekend, and she pooped outside, and there is a fence post with poop bags, but it was out. So I couldn’t clean it up. I’m sorry.

Sean Quintana is also an angel among us. He sent me a package of guava juice from hawaii. Which is amazing but also kind of stressful because now I have to ration it properly to make this juice last as long as possible.

Also, recently I was having a sad, Seattle-missy, kind of day and I shampooed another angel. He was a grown man, and grown men are usually pretty awkward to talk to in the shampoo bowl, but this one figured out that I had recently moved back home, and he told me that moving back home is the hardest place to move, and to give it 12 months. Because that is the magic number.


5 Responses to “Angels Among Us”

  1. Kaela Says:

    12 months sure is a long time for a magic number.

    I’m glad you’re blogging more often again.

    I think dogs are little angels too.

  2. kristin Says:

    12 months is the magic number. but it gets easier along the way…

  3. Neal Cyr Says:

    Corinthians 13:2, “doggies are little angels”

  4. whitney Says:

    skinny dog looked like an angel with her halo that was a conehead e-collar

  5. evapauldesign Says:

    i think you should give it at least till we move there- we’ll make you love it.

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