Bang! Transfered.

I was recently transferred to work at the newer but smaller location of my salon. And I am the happiest girl in the world. Now instead of working across the street from a gas station, I work on the same block as cupcakes, pedicures, coffee, and….PIZZA. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????

Also, the pedicures are the best pedicures of your life. Especially if “Anne,” is your provider. I told Anne that I didn’t believe that Anne is her real name and she told me her real name is Yummy, but Americans laugh at that for some reason.

The one bad thing about my new salon is that the old salon remodeled and we got their hand-me-down shampoo bowls with those hair traps that make me cry when I have to clean them out. My co-assistant, Marcus, literally threw up last time he cleaned them. So I don’t think that I’m going to get out of that job because I’m a lady. He’s kind of a lady too.

I am also the happiest girl in the world because So You Think You Can Dance is in full swing again.  This season is weird, they brought back “All-Stars,” from other seasons, and it’s wonderful to see them again, but now there are fewer contestants to love or be grossed out by. Which is sad. But I guess fewer contestants=fewer tap dancers. So that’s something to be thankful for.


2 Responses to “Bang! Transfered.”

  1. Dene Says:

    Ashley! I have MISSED your wonderful blog posts! I cherish them. And you. xoxoxo

  2. cass Says:

    what’s wrong with tap dancers?

    also, i need me a haircut. so does camden. people keep botching up his orange hair.

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