This Horse

I found this little horse when I was running around the park with Seany a few weeks ago. It was early in our run, so it was before I had to focus all of my attention on trying to keep up with Sean and his long football legs.

I picked up the horse and showed it to Sean, then put it in the little internal pocket of my running shorts and forgot about it. Until the next time I wore those shorts running and he was still in that pocket.  I liked having him in there because it felt like I had someone rooting for me on my run.  Then I forgot about him again. Until…..

He was on my faucet this morning?!

Paul Quintana had been doing laundry, so maybe the horse fell out of my shorts and was in the dryer or something.  I kind of don’t want to ask him about it because I kind of like the mystery.


2 Responses to “This Horse”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Ashley. I love your blogs. They make me laugh. A lot. I hope there is a new post for me to read when I get back from vacation. Miss you. Hope you can cut my hair soon. Remember when we lived together for two years? That was fun.

  2. kirsten Says:

    you are so freaking cute and i really, really miss you.
    way to go running twice.
    and paul just keeps getting cooler…

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