Rosetta Risotto

Today was Ruby’s 3rd birthday.  My mom says that she is a teenager now, and ready to have babies.  I tried to see if i could bring Murphy over to spend some time with Ruby and make the cutest dog babies (puppies) ever.  But Murphy was busy, and it seems awkward to plan these things out anyway. Like arranged marriage.

So my mom took Ruby to Petsmart, and she got a new duck, and got to visit with the other animals until she barked at a rat and my mom thought it best they leave.   Then we had birthday dinner, which included risotto, which my mom kept calling “rosetta.”

Ruby had strawberries and cheese for her birthday cake, which she ate sitting at the table. Because one of the many weirdo things about that dog is that she loves fruit.


2 Responses to “Rosetta Risotto”

  1. kaela Says:

    when ruby and murphy make puppies, via an arranged marriage, can i have one?
    also, what plans did murphy have?

  2. kirsten Says:

    haha rosetta.

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