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Sandy Cohen

April 22, 2010

I feel self-conscious about how much I talk about my own hair.  I have also felt self-conscious for many years about my side part, often asking people “Do my bangs look like a comb-over??”  People have always said that no, my bangs do not look like a comb-over.  But yesterday one of the greatest people that I work with, Jason, exclaimed, out of nowhere, “YOU HAVE TO STOP PARTING YOUR HAIR LIKE AN OLD MAN!!!”  Then I showed him the balding area in my hairline that I am hiding with my side part, and also talked about my wide face, but Jason said that my side-part is “distracting in the wrong way.”  Then he trimmed my hair to go into a middle-part.

When Drew was foolishly moving away from Seattle there was an O.C. themed goodbye party, for which I dressed up like Sandy Cohen.  Dressing up like Sandy Cohen involved a middle-part. And this is what I feel like I look like with my new middle-part haircut.

Kaela dressed up as pregnant Teresa, and Tory was Chino Ryan.

Coincidentally, there is a client named Sandy Cohen that comes into Bang! and she was in while all of this was going on.

So…I guess comb-over and Sandy Cohen are the cards I’ve been dealt.