Twin Tiny PeterPans.

A pair of identical, blonde, 5-year-old boys came in for haircuts today. Normally Bang! doesn’t take baby clients, but there weren’t any adult clients today because of the world-ending snow storm. Actually the roads were dry by 10am but still everyone canceled their appointments.

Anywhoooo, when these babies arrived they were wearing matching black snowbibs over cream-colored-cable-knit sweaters. It was unbelievable, then they got too hot and took off their boots and sweaters and revealed their green long underwear, and became tiny PeterPans.

Yong cut their hair, and PeterPan #1 told Yong that he wanted to be a dress-maker when he grew up!

Then the PeterPan#2 bonked his head on the shampoo bowl because he was way too small for it. So sad.

Later Yong told me she felt bad when he hit his little head, and she said “That looked like hurt!,” and I said “Yeah! And it sounded like hurt!”


One Response to “Twin Tiny PeterPans.”

  1. kirsten Says:

    do you remember when we were peter pan 1 & 2 in the southglenn mall?

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