This is Murphy and his duck. Murphy is really proud of his duck, and he always wants to show him off. Or push him against your leg. I got to take care of Murphy for a while and I was the luckiest girl in the world.  This dog has the biggest head and feet you will ever see.

Yesterday it was in the 70s and sunny, and I laid outside and got a little tiny sunburn.  And now it is snowing sideways.  And there is 100% chance that it’s going to continue snowing all night. Tomorrow at work everyone will say “Can you believe this weather?! I thought spring was here! Well, that’s Colorado for ya, hahahah!!”  Lord have mercy.

My dad made this fire for me, and I made taco soup (Weight Watchers Taco Soup, sound familiar, my Riekes??)   After the fire was going my dad started watching the Simpsons, and said “Man those are great colors.” About the colors of the Simpsons.

I got to see Barcelona last night.  It was a real treat, even though they continue to refuse to play Rich Girl.  Apparently they don’t have a base track for it, bla, bla, bla.  I don’t see what the big deal is.  Also, what does it say about your life if you have more spots on the guest list than you do friends to fill them?


3 Responses to “Snowpocalypse”

  1. Dene Says:

    Yum! We wish we were eating Taco soup with you right now. xoxoxox, your Riekes

  2. Jazzy Says:

    Every Colorado person’s Facebook is all about the weather, as if they are righteously angry that CO is behaving just the same as it always has! Lord have mercy indeed.

    Tory told me that one of those blank guest list spots was for me. I think because someone was going to invite me on stage.

    Also, a girl in my small group always says “Jesus take the wheel” in the same way that you say “Lord have mercy.” I like it.

  3. kirsten Says:

    if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.

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