Texas Wedding, and some Ghosts.

Wellll, Sarah is really married.  And Sarah, on her wedding day, was actually the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Kaela and I both could only look at her for a few seconds before we had to look away so we didn’t cry and ruin our bridesmaid makeup before we walked down the longest aisle in all of Houston (or the world) by ourselves.  I found out after the fact that I walked faster than I was supposed to. But who cares, it wasn’t my day.

This is Sarah at the lingerie shower, aren’t those hot underpants??And this is Sarah when the wedding hair was finished.  (at this point I was feeling a huge amount of relief.)

And these are a few of the CU ladies enjoying each-other’s company at the reception.  The people in this picture live in Menlo Park, New Orleans, Denver, and Seattle. So it was a real delight to get to hang out all together.And here are Sarah and Denver, I didn’t actually get any pictures of Denver’s face that night, because I was too obsessed with Sarah.  Oopsie, but, I couldn’t have picked a better match for Sarah though, the beautiful little freak that she is. I already knew I wanted to live in texas because of Friday Night Lights, but this wedding definitely strengthened that desire.  Texas ladies are awesome. So yappy and fierce.

So then I came back, exhausted and happy.  When I stopped at the Starbuck’s next door to Bang on the way to my first day back to work, the barrista asked me “how the exorcism was going.”  I had no idea what she was talking about, but when I got to work I learned that a spiritual mediator had come to analyze the salon, because when she was getting her hair done she “could hear the walls talking.”  Rodger videotaped the analysis of the mediator, and we all got to watch it. There are 30 ghosts of sheep in the storage closet. The other ghosts are friendly and want to help Rodger because his job is a very important one on this earth.

Also, one of the ghosts moved someone’s scone off their plate at Starbuck’s.


3 Responses to “Texas Wedding, and some Ghosts.”

  1. Dene Says:

    Must. Know. More. About sheep.

  2. Dene Says:

    Love you. Miss you.

  3. kirsten Says:

    that is a lot of dead sheep.

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