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Some on Yong, more on Lupe. Some on Sean.

February 23, 2010

Ok. So. Yong is a stylist at my salon, originally from South Korea. She runs everywhere she goes, and skis on all of her days off.  She also keeps Costco packs of gum in her locker and always wants to share. She is always rubbing up on everyone because “my husband don’t snuggle,”  Which I don’t blame him for, because Yung has also told me “I never talk nicely to my husband.”

Yung and Lupe are close friends. They are always whispering and hugging, I think they have a special bond.  But you would never know it by the way they talk about each other.  I recently was trying to ask Yung where she was from, but she was too busy yapping to answer my question, so Lupe answered for her, “JAYPAN!!!” Yung heard that, and then smacked Lupe in the butt.

Also, some on Sean.

How did that boy turn out so good?  Sean’s senior football banquet was on Saturday night.  He had a speaking part, and right before his time to shine he suggested I put on the football helmet centerpiece and ride on his shoulders when he went up there.  Then he told me he was kidding about that, but he would try to make eye contact from the podium. Which he did. And then he giggled from the podium.  Later, the coaches had the most amazing things to say about him. About his character and what a respectful and respected person he is at the Air Force Academy. And you could just tell how much all of the other giant football player boys loved him.

Here is when he snuck me onto the football bus.

He’s moving to L.A. in the summer. :(  for me. but :) for him. So I guess that means :) for me too.

One by one, my favorites keep moving to that trafficy state.


Texas Wedding, and some Ghosts.

February 15, 2010

Wellll, Sarah is really married.  And Sarah, on her wedding day, was actually the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Kaela and I both could only look at her for a few seconds before we had to look away so we didn’t cry and ruin our bridesmaid makeup before we walked down the longest aisle in all of Houston (or the world) by ourselves.  I found out after the fact that I walked faster than I was supposed to. But who cares, it wasn’t my day.

This is Sarah at the lingerie shower, aren’t those hot underpants??And this is Sarah when the wedding hair was finished.  (at this point I was feeling a huge amount of relief.)

And these are a few of the CU ladies enjoying each-other’s company at the reception.  The people in this picture live in Menlo Park, New Orleans, Denver, and Seattle. So it was a real delight to get to hang out all together.And here are Sarah and Denver, I didn’t actually get any pictures of Denver’s face that night, because I was too obsessed with Sarah.  Oopsie, but, I couldn’t have picked a better match for Sarah though, the beautiful little freak that she is. I already knew I wanted to live in texas because of Friday Night Lights, but this wedding definitely strengthened that desire.  Texas ladies are awesome. So yappy and fierce.

So then I came back, exhausted and happy.  When I stopped at the Starbuck’s next door to Bang on the way to my first day back to work, the barrista asked me “how the exorcism was going.”  I had no idea what she was talking about, but when I got to work I learned that a spiritual mediator had come to analyze the salon, because when she was getting her hair done she “could hear the walls talking.”  Rodger videotaped the analysis of the mediator, and we all got to watch it. There are 30 ghosts of sheep in the storage closet. The other ghosts are friendly and want to help Rodger because his job is a very important one on this earth.

Also, one of the ghosts moved someone’s scone off their plate at Starbuck’s.

Going to the chapel (in a bridesmaid dress.)

February 4, 2010

Well, the time has come to leave Denver Colorado to celebrate the union of Sarah to Denver McCollister.  I’m sure there will be a lot to say about this later, but right now I will just say that there are a lot of ladies that I am really excited to see this weekend.

I have been trying to find time before this Texas wedding to get rid of the copper streaks that were still in my bangs from hairschool, figuring Sarah wouldn’t want those in her pictures. Today at 4:45 color still had not been applied to my hair, and I had to leave work at 5 in order to make my flight.  So we put the color on my hair, and then I walked home with shower cap on my head, finished packing, and then washed it out.  Now my hair looks kind of blackish, and perhaps worse than before. Oh well, I tried.

My dad drove my little ass to the airport.  On the way there we heard a radio commercial from some jewelry company that was trying to sell some kind of diamond pendant inside of a box of chocolates.  The guy was saying something like “She will be excited about the box of chocolates, but when she finds the diamond…” and my dad yelled “SHE’LL POOP HER PANTS!!!!  Thats what they should say!”  Later in the car I was sniffling because my nose was runny, which my dad hates more than he hates it when I don’t take enough showers, and he said “Ash, the one thing I want you to do when you’re down there is blow your nose, instead of sucking it up,  that way the people around you wont think you are disgusting.”

Then we saw this scary horsey:

This horse is there to greet you when you arrive at Denver International Airport. WTF?  It’s terrifying!  My dad hates this horse too, and said “Yeah, that possessed devil horse is just what people want to see before they get on an airplane.”