Paul Quintana is sick, and so is everyone I work with. And now so am I. Which is hard for me to admit because  am constantly telling sick people “oh…I won’t get sick,” when they caution me about things like eating off of their germy fork, or sucking on their lollipop.  My immune system might be the part of myself that I am the most vocally confident in.  Maybe overly-confident. So it’s pretty hard on my pride when my immune system goes down.  Also, when I catch a cold, instead of feeling sorry for me, people like Kaela immediately say to me mockingly “I thought you never get sick??” I think I am going to make a late New Years Resolution to accept my immune system, imperfections and all.

Anyway, it is kind of hard and shameful to be sicky when doing a job that requires constant physical contact with people.  Shampoo-bowl conversation doesn’t come as naturally when you are concentrating on not infecting the client. Or dribbling snot on them.  Sometimes you see the sick stylists disappear from behind their chair suddenly, to go sneeze or nose-blow, and the client will just be sitting there in the chair looking very confused and abandoned.

Mindy Smith is playing at the Tractor Tavern tonight and I am listening to her in my bed in Denver.


4 Responses to “Sicky”

  1. kaela Says:

    i do feel sorry for you! i followed that comment with a smiley face, so that you’d know i was just giving you a hard time.
    and i’m sorry for not seeing mindy tonight. maybe if you still lived here… :)

  2. evapauldesign Says:

    i hope you never think that “handwashing” will prevent you from getting sick in the future. we all know what a crock of shit that is.

  3. Jazzy Says:

    handwashing is only appropriate when a) you actually do poop or pee on your hands, which is never or b) when your closed-minded co-workers are watching.

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