I work here now, as a stylists’ apprentice. Which means I take classes, and help the big girl stylists with things like shampooing, coloring, and blow-drying.  They will reward me with tips, and by teaching me everything they know.

and here is a new job countdown.

13…months it will take to complete Bang’s advanced training program.

4…minutes that it  takes me to walk to work, pretty refreshing after my 45 minute bus commute to hair school, and my Green Lake to Issaquah pizza commute.

3…shampoo bowls with special hair catching drains, to be cleaned out once a week, by me. After performing this part of my new job, I have concluded that when most people have gag reflex, I just start crying.

2.5 …hours it took me to finish blow drying our receptionists hair during my blow drying lesson yesterday. Rodger, the boss of me, wanted to make sure I really had the motion down before I was allowed to turn the blow dryer on all the way.

2…times that my dad showed up at work on my first day. In head-to-toe royal blue Air Force Academy clothing.

1…co-apprentice who dragged a full trashbag through the parking lot today, and then acted surprised when it ripped.

0/50…required hair models that I have lined up for the next year. I really miss my Presbyterian hair models in Seattle.


6 Responses to “Bang!”

  1. kirsten Says:

    that is awesome! i’m so happy you got a job- and in wash park even.
    i really liked this blog post. i might have to steal this idea.

  2. walter Says:

    ash you are so clever. I miss you so much

  3. nic Says:

    oh those blessed presbyterians!

  4. Dene Says:

    Ashley I will come to Denver to be a presbyterian hair model for you. I will bring Chicken. So that’s 2 down, 48 to go. We’ll bring Don. That’s 3.

  5. JazzyBaby Says:

    I would love to be a Presbyterian hair model for you again! Probably this summer. I have to warn you, I will not be blonding myself again… I hope that’s okay. Also, I miss you.

  6. Chicken Says:

    i consent to being brought there by dene. you can try out a haircut on me involving BANGS.

    krishen says he will pretend to be a presbyterian for a short time. that’s four!

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