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January 29, 2010

Geoff is the accountant. Today I asked him if he had anything to do with direct deposit, and he said he has everything to do with it. Then I asked if he is the Master of the Universe of Direct Deposit, and he said that as far as I’m concerned, he is.

Today Geoff got his hair colored. We assistants applied his color while he sat at the computer in the basement office working on payroll, then he kept working while his color processed for 20 minutes. He looked so funny on the computer with his hair sticking up all spiky.

When he was done, and needed to be rinsed, one of the front desk girls came and told me “Gee Off needs to be rinsed.”



January 27, 2010

Paul Quintana is sick, and so is everyone I work with. And now so am I. Which is hard for me to admit because  am constantly telling sick people “oh…I won’t get sick,” when they caution me about things like eating off of their germy fork, or sucking on their lollipop.  My immune system might be the part of myself that I am the most vocally confident in.  Maybe overly-confident. So it’s pretty hard on my pride when my immune system goes down.  Also, when I catch a cold, instead of feeling sorry for me, people like Kaela immediately say to me mockingly “I thought you never get sick??” I think I am going to make a late New Years Resolution to accept my immune system, imperfections and all.

Anyway, it is kind of hard and shameful to be sicky when doing a job that requires constant physical contact with people.  Shampoo-bowl conversation doesn’t come as naturally when you are concentrating on not infecting the client. Or dribbling snot on them.  Sometimes you see the sick stylists disappear from behind their chair suddenly, to go sneeze or nose-blow, and the client will just be sitting there in the chair looking very confused and abandoned.

Mindy Smith is playing at the Tractor Tavern tonight and I am listening to her in my bed in Denver.

Lupe, Looptey, Loopey

January 18, 2010

I got a bonus Yahtzee this weekend.  Can you believe it?

Then, tonight, I had to perform a one length haircut in class.  My model was Lluvia, the 6 year old daughter of the woman who does laundry at Bang, Lupe.  Poor Lluvia, didn’t want a haircut, and also did NOT want to sit still for an hour.  She was holding her little head at different angles the entire time I was trying to cut her hair.  I would position her head one way, and then by the time I had my scissors in place to cut, her entire body would be in a completely different position.  Or her entire body would be fallen out of the chair, which she thought was hilarious.  Sometimes we took breaks from sitting still to run some laps around the salon. This one length haircut was actually the hardest haircut I have ever done.  Luckily, I passed.

Two sideish notes.

1.  Lupe is short for Guadalupe.  Tonight I found out that Lupe went to Cosmetology school in Mexico, but didn’t go to class very much because “she was dating her boyfriend.” I call Lupe “Luptey,” but she knows that I know the pronunciation of her name is LoopAY.  The owner of Bang calls her Loopey.  I don’t know if he is being funny, or what he is being.

2. I’m finding out that people who are in the real hair world, not the hair school world, say scissors, and not shears, like the hair school people say.  I am thankful for this, because scissors is what they are.


January 6, 2010

I work here now, as a stylists’ apprentice. Which means I take classes, and help the big girl stylists with things like shampooing, coloring, and blow-drying.  They will reward me with tips, and by teaching me everything they know.

and here is a new job countdown.

13…months it will take to complete Bang’s advanced training program.

4…minutes that it  takes me to walk to work, pretty refreshing after my 45 minute bus commute to hair school, and my Green Lake to Issaquah pizza commute.

3…shampoo bowls with special hair catching drains, to be cleaned out once a week, by me. After performing this part of my new job, I have concluded that when most people have gag reflex, I just start crying.

2.5 …hours it took me to finish blow drying our receptionists hair during my blow drying lesson yesterday. Rodger, the boss of me, wanted to make sure I really had the motion down before I was allowed to turn the blow dryer on all the way.

2…times that my dad showed up at work on my first day. In head-to-toe royal blue Air Force Academy clothing.

1…co-apprentice who dragged a full trashbag through the parking lot today, and then acted surprised when it ripped.

0/50…required hair models that I have lined up for the next year. I really miss my Presbyterian hair models in Seattle.