White Elephant, and a White Christmas.

Well, this year’s White Elephant party was another success. Except that, for the second year in a row, I planned to bring a mannequin head as my gift and forgot it! Which is so tragic, because, what a hit that would have been!!!  I drew number 13 for the gift exchange, and I stole this chicken from Hannah…

and I was in love.  And then then someone stole it, but Kaela stole it back for me, but then someone else stole it from her, not even because he cared about the chicken, but because he wanted to “break up our scheming.” Luckily, Kaela put the chicken in her purse when we left, and I got it back.

Then it snowed a lot, and real Christmas came.

These are the shirts that Sean and I gave to each other…My dad took four of this picture, and I never managed to open my eyes.  Can you even believe the beautiful light ochre color of this sweater? Sean loved it, and because emotions have been running so high lately, that made me cry. Then I also cried because of how much I loved this Broncos t-shirt. Last year on Christmas I cried because my mom had already read the book I gave her.

Ruby got this candy cane…She loved it.  Other things that Ruby loves are blueberries, sitting like a human at the kitchen table, fireworks(most dogs’ worst nightmare,) and Neal. Which is really annoying because he doesn’t even care about dogs and she likes him more than she likes me. She just sits at his feet and stares at him. Also, if Kirsten’s baby Daphne is any indicator, babies like him better too.


One Response to “White Elephant, and a White Christmas.”

  1. kirsten Says:

    haha. daphne loves you too, aunt ashley.

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