Goodbye, ButtPie.

Last week me and Neal (Neal and I) put everything I own into my tiny Jetta,  and then drove/slid on ice through dense fog to Colorado.

Like I do during any emotionally charged event or transitional period, as my moving date approached I turned into an unpredictable crazy person.

One morning, a few days before I left Seattle,  we were having roommate Christmas, and a Rosie Thomas Christmas song came on, which someone called crappy.  Normally that would annoy me, but not enough for me to refuse to eat the delicious breakfast that this person had been cooking, which I did that morning. Reasonable? No.  I also kept getting really easily offended by Kaela, and then apologizing, and she would just act mature and understanding. And then I felt crazier, and she gave me this amazing hair flower:

and baked me this here cake:

I thanked her for it excessively, then invited everyone I could to Sarah’s bachelorette party, and called Neal “the Queen of the Wild Frontier.”  Which is actually funny.  But there was a lot of not funny bad behavior that took place. I think it is actually probably good that this happened because it will help the people I love in Seattle to miss me less. So really I was being selflessly insane.

Also, I was really glad I was still in Seattle to hang out with these guys a lit bit. Kristen and Christian, but you can call them Chicken and Krishen. Chicken and I had a really loud whisper conversation about how glad we were that Krishen and Neal got along so well.

Oh, and I stole Kaela’s toothpaste.

Now I am in Denver, with a really stiff neck, job hunting. And thinking about how Dene always tells me that even with good change comes loss.


3 Responses to “Goodbye, ButtPie.”

  1. Kaela Says:

    Mangina is in that picture of your hair flower, and you didn’t even mention him. I’ve been thinking about how you should blog about Mangina.
    AND, you stole more than just my toothpaste.

    • ashleyquintana Says:

      I didn’t mention him and I haven’t blogged about him because he’s really hard to explain, and also his name can be interpreted as being dirty and I don’t want him to be judged that way. AND I’m giving your dresses back and it was an accident. AND Kristen Rieke told me that I look at Mangina in a way that I don’t look at anything else.

  2. kirsten Says:

    I read this.

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