I cannot imagine that the dog I saw today with tiny short little legs and a beard actually wanted to be dragged around Green Lake by his owner.  Also, I cannot imagine that the ducks in the lake aren’t freezing.  I know they have their feathers. But even if I had a down comforter in the lake, maybe I would survive, but I would be so miserable.  I like the ducks, and I want them to be happy. I especially like these duckies.  I showed these duckies to John Rieke and he said that things like this make him think about how there are people starving. Which is one reason I cannot have these duck shoes. The other reason is my underemployement.


3 Responses to “duckies”

  1. kaela Says:

    i really like john rieke’s response to those shoes. even though it kind of makes me feel bad. i also wish you had a picture of that dog. he sounds like a tiny tiny falcor.

  2. ashleyquintana Says:

    he did look like a tiny tiny falcor!!!

  3. Dene Says:

    what is a falcor?

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