monster tip, and beans

This picture is totally awesome, and totally unrelated to the rest of this post, but it is a monster that someone drew on the back of their receipt at Zeek’s.  The monster is saying “Good!”  This picture warmed my heart so much that my feelings weren’t even hurt when the people who drew it didn’t leave a tip.

After almost three and a half years of trying, I finally had an almost stress-free visit home.  My dad was easier to get along with than ever, maybe because he was just trying really hard not to scare me out of moving home?  Neal came over for home-made mexican food…which, in Paul Quintana’s eyes, was a true test of his character.  The green chili tasted even spicier than normal, and judging by the generous helping of beans piled on his plate,  my dad must have somehow known that beans are maybe the only food that Neal really doesn’t like.  Luckily, Neal’s aversion to beans isn’t quite as strong as Kaela’s to onions, and he managed to eat them.

Neal passed the food test with flying colors, and outside of a few uncomfortable comments from Paul (“That facial hair’s gotta go man…I don’t want you scratching up my daughters face,”) the night was a huge success.


One Response to “monster tip, and beans”

  1. kirsten Says:

    abusive dad stories! those were the best.
    and i’d have to side with paul on the facial hair thing.
    i miss you ashley.

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