Would you next time?

I got this in the mail from Fin last week:

DSCF0146 Don’t you want to know what Ammar’s letter to the Tooth Fairy consisted of, if he DIDNT WRITE ANY WORDS?!  Ammar must have been old enough to write, otherwise the Tooth Fairy would never expect that of him, right?  Fin also included a note on Christmas stationary, and insisted that it wasn’t Christmas stationary, that it was “Fall and 3 feet of snow in Colorado stationary.” It had a snowman and holly leaves on it, it was definitely Christmas. You don’t have to pretend with me, Fin, you’re the one with the problem with Christmas.

A little more about the man behind this Tooth Fairy letter.

1. Fin is a very smart and successful career man, but still appreciates things like Tooth Fairy letters enough to mail them to me.

2. He is at least 7 ft tall, with a tiny, perfectly round head.

3. Andrea Findley is Fin’s beautiful little sister, who receives a startling amount of Christmas presents every year from her loving older brother.

4. Sometimes, on the days when I am the very luckiest, Fin wears little denim shorts and does yard work.

5.  Fin is a really good friend, he does his best to force me to be a better person. He also does his best to poke me in the armpit really hard whenever the opportunity presents itself.


2 Responses to “Would you next time?”

  1. Fin Says:

    A Couple Editorial Notes From The Subject

    Dear Readers,

    First, I would like to further Ashley’s questions about the “letter” to the Tooth Fairy by asking how the “Tooth Fairy” even knew it was to ze/zer without words. Was it some sort of pictoral depiction of a tooth + a fairy? Wow, I wish we had the other piece of the puzzle.

    *I am not 7 feet, I am 6’4″ and my head is not round–that’s a biological impossibility.
    *About my “yard work shorts.” They are not little, first of all. They are normal short size. Second, they are jean, which is obviously not cool, but that’s why they are for yard work and not for clubbing. They will obviously get dirty, maybe even ripped. So, they are practical. Anyways, I’ve stopped wearing them. So there.
    *Why was my sister included in this post?
    *It’s snowing in Boulder and it’s still not Christmas. Regardless of what you’re reading into the stationary.


  2. kirsten Says:

    not clubbing…. hahah

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