Gilly and Filly Berto

Lately I have been making the most of my psychology degree and cosmetology schooling by serving pizza at Zeek’s. Zeek also employs cousins Gilberto and Filiberto, who work in the hot hot dish room and also bus the tables.

When I first met the Bertos I got the impression that they didn’t speak any English at all,  but I loved them and I wanted them to know that.  So for a while now I have been doing my best to express my appreciation of Gilly and Filly in Spanish. Turns out they do speak English, much better than I speak Spanish. They just generally choose to spend their time doing what they are supposed to be doing, rather than entertaining conversation with the little servers.

Recently we learned that Filiberto has a wife and two babies in Mexico, and is here to work to support them. Thinking about him in that dish room, working so quietly and diligently to support people so far away feels so heavy, and so lonely. And it makes me feel like a huge baby. No wonder Filly has no time to talk to me.

Sometimes I try to help  the Bertos by bussing my tables, or scraping the food off my dishes. Whenever I do these helpful things they step back and watch patiently, as though saying “Silly girl, you are really just in the way right now but if this makes you feel better then go ahead and do it.”


2 Responses to “Gilly and Filly Berto”

  1. kirsten Says:

    what a sentimental post. that is really sad (and sweet) about his family back in mexico- you’re a good person (and thanks for updating)

  2. gene r Says:

    Ashley do you call them Gilly and Filly? That is so you. I’ll bet they love that. I think people like Gilly and Filly are all around us, and we can’t/don’t see them most of the time. Wonder what I did today to add justice and subtract harshness?

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