Neal Patrick Cyr came to Seattle for a Halloween visit.  I have always felt grossed out by the idea of couples costumes before, but something about dressing up with Neal makes it feel a lot less cheesy. Maybe because he says the F word so much.

We were going to be Bonnie and Clyde, Kirsten sent me a lot of amazing Bonnie clothes from her store.  But Bonnie has blonde hair, my hair is brown, and Neal didn’t like the gun I bought. He said it was the wrong kind. Then we didn’t have hats.  So we made an 11th hour decision to wear the Cyr family caterpillar costume instead.

DSCF0068Soon after this picture was taken we poked  a head-hole for Neal, so he could see.   Then we looked like this. DSCF0090My friends in Seattle are really really good at Halloween. DSCF0079

We went to The Kangaroo and the Kiwi for the third year in a row. My friends won most original costume, and scariest costume. The only category that we didn’t win was sexiest. And I like us better for not winning that.


3 Responses to “Halloweekend”

  1. kirsten Says:

    oh smashly.
    why did you buy the wrong kind of gun?
    its ok, i forgive you. as long as you buy all those clothes from me.

  2. Dene Says:

    Hi Ash! It took me awhile (internet ineptitude) but I finally found your blog! I love it. You blog like you are, which is to say, original, interesting, and fun. I read all the way to the bat part. Were you all never going to tell me that I have a bat skeleton on my house? Creepy. I wonder what other macabre truths you are shielding me from? I think I am grateful. Although I can live with a bat skeleton. But it might be on my edge. I love you! Dene

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