Happy Halloweekend!

Neal is coming today, and Tory is coming tomorrow!


Last time Neal and Tory were both here we went to Red Mill, which is a cash-only establishment, and Neal and I both didn’t have cash (real shocker.)  Tory said Neal could borrow money for us, all he had to do was promise to call her “Daddy” until he paid her back. Neal said he would rather go to the ATM, but Tory said no, it was fine if he just called her Daddy.  She really held him to his end of the deal, and he paid her back as fast as he could.

I still call her Daddy by choice whenever I remember.


I’m going to paint my nails black now. I don’t think it looks trashy on me because of the shape of my nail beds. If I’m wrong about that I would prefer you keep me in the dark.


3 Responses to “Happy Halloweekend!”

  1. KirstenEva Says:

    i was hoping you could tell me about the shape of my nail beds. i don’t want to look trashy either.

    but i only wear red lipstick and red nail polish- does that make me terribly boring?

  2. JazzyBaby Says:

    i like your blog. and your face.

  3. kirsten Says:

    new post. new post. i need to see the costumes!

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