Red Lipstick

I wish I led a lifestyle where it was appropriate to wear red lipstick on a more every-day-basis. Maybe when I am a real, employed, hairdresser there will be more opportunity.

Kaela and I bought red-lipstick at Bartells today for our halloween costumes.  The red lipstick was an afterthought, the real purpose of our  stop was to get Gold Bears:images

We felt we earned them after the hard work we had done shopping for Halloween costume ingredients. At first it seemed like too many other people also felt deserving of a Gold Bear reward, and Bartells had run out. Luckily, we asked the nice man who worked there if there were, by any chance, any waiting to be shelved. He understood why the bears were worth a trip to the back room. They are, after all, the best gummies in the entire world. He found them, brought them to us, and we thanked him.

Then we applied our red lipstick, and ate our gummy bears in the car.


One Response to “Red Lipstick”

  1. kirsten Says:

    those are the best. the forest ones are the second best.
    i want you to send me a white one. 5 white ones.

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