bat skeleton

Neal and I were at my Rieke’s house, and Kristen asked us if we wanted to see the bat skeleton she found. We wanted to, so she walked us around to the side of the house and showed us this:


We asked her how she knew it was a bat, because can you tell that’s a bat?  She said that she saw it when it was just a dead bat, before it was a skeleton.

Here are some things about bats.

1. Bats can hang upside down while they sleep because they  have PASSIVE TENSION in their hands. Which means they are clamped shut when they are relaxing.

2.  A baby bat can hang on the imperfections in a light bulb.

3. My roommate Laura taught me all of this, and is marrying Mike Butler, but we call him Mike Bat.


2 Responses to “bat skeleton”

  1. kirsten Says:

    i think that’s a moth…

  2. kirsten Says:

    i was going to post a comment on your new post but there wasn’t one..
    but, my sister just commented on my blog that my posts have not been regular- like she can talk… pshh…

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