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Happy Halloweekend!

October 30, 2009

Neal is coming today, and Tory is coming tomorrow!


Last time Neal and Tory were both here we went to Red Mill, which is a cash-only establishment, and Neal and I both didn’t have cash (real shocker.)  Tory said Neal could borrow money for us, all he had to do was promise to call her “Daddy” until he paid her back. Neal said he would rather go to the ATM, but Tory said no, it was fine if he just called her Daddy.  She really held him to his end of the deal, and he paid her back as fast as he could.

I still call her Daddy by choice whenever I remember.


I’m going to paint my nails black now. I don’t think it looks trashy on me because of the shape of my nail beds. If I’m wrong about that I would prefer you keep me in the dark.


Sunday Market

October 25, 2009

While I was driving to the Fremont Sunday Market today I saw three different boys at different houses raking leaves in skinny jeans and American Apparel zip-up hoodies. The leaves looked so pretty and the boys looked so hip.

I bought this:

Photo 36and a pink lamp. And I didn’t get lost on the way home like I did on the way there.  Good job Ashley.

Rosie Thomas

October 22, 2009

I’ve been increasingly angry because Rosie Thomas has dropped herself off the face of the earth lately (no tour dates, no announcements of albums being made, no run-ins at Nordstrom, etc.) This is what she has been doing. So exciting. So exciting that I almost cried and jumped around my bathroom.

Rosie is my favorite because of the sound of her voice. Both her talking voice and singing voice. And I don’t care if you think that Rosie is faking her talking voice, I know that it’s real and you aren’t going to change my mind.  I love her voice, and I love it that she is so obviously comfortable with who she is, and that she uses her work to encourage other people and make them feel okay about where they are in life.  She says things at her shows like “I hope all of your lives are going really well, and if they aren’t, it’s okay! Next year will be better!” It sounds kind of trite coming from me, but from her it seems like brand new really good news. Also, at one point during her Christmas concert, she cut out a paper snowflake while singing (Silent Night?,) then held it up in the air above her head for the rest of the song.

Once, about a year ago, I was working at Nordstrom Kids Shoes, and I heard Rosie’s distinctive talking voice coming from the neighboring Infants and Toddlers department.  When I saw that she really truly was there,  I went in the back room, peed my pants, was reminded by my manager of the no-publically-addressing-celebrities-as-a-Nordstrom-employee policy, and went and told Rosie how I felt.

My heart was racing, and I was shaking, and then I started crying, at which point Rosie pointed out that she was just a girl wearing orange socks. Then, Rosie Thomas started crying. Because she understood me, and understood why I think that what she does is important. Because she thinks so too. Then she left, but came back about five minutes later because she wanted to give me something but all she had was trash in her purse so she gave me another hug.

And now I can’t stop smiling because I’m thinking about Rosie Thomas.

kiwi berries

October 22, 2009

Today I was cutting my friend Laura’s hair and she taught me about the existence of a fruit called kiwi berries.  They are tiny little kiwis but without the fuzzy skin. I’m not afraid to eat the fuzzy skin, but I know that some of you are.   So these would be perfect for you.  Anyway, they really exist, and they are delicious, and they look like this. kiwiberry6ozI told Kaela about them and she shook her head and said “Science, man.”

Red Lipstick

October 20, 2009

I wish I led a lifestyle where it was appropriate to wear red lipstick on a more every-day-basis. Maybe when I am a real, employed, hairdresser there will be more opportunity.

Kaela and I bought red-lipstick at Bartells today for our halloween costumes.  The red lipstick was an afterthought, the real purpose of our  stop was to get Gold Bears:images

We felt we earned them after the hard work we had done shopping for Halloween costume ingredients. At first it seemed like too many other people also felt deserving of a Gold Bear reward, and Bartells had run out. Luckily, we asked the nice man who worked there if there were, by any chance, any waiting to be shelved. He understood why the bears were worth a trip to the back room. They are, after all, the best gummies in the entire world. He found them, brought them to us, and we thanked him.

Then we applied our red lipstick, and ate our gummy bears in the car.

Hola, Kris!

October 18, 2009

The way that I feel right now, when embarking on this blogging adventure, is similar to how I felt last week at my first (and final) soccer game   Scared, and like the field looks really big, and maybe I will just kick the ball on the side lines with Nicola instead of actually playing.

bat skeleton

October 18, 2009

Neal and I were at my Rieke’s house, and Kristen asked us if we wanted to see the bat skeleton she found. We wanted to, so she walked us around to the side of the house and showed us this:


We asked her how she knew it was a bat, because can you tell that’s a bat?  She said that she saw it when it was just a dead bat, before it was a skeleton.

Here are some things about bats.

1. Bats can hang upside down while they sleep because they  have PASSIVE TENSION in their hands. Which means they are clamped shut when they are relaxing.

2.  A baby bat can hang on the imperfections in a light bulb.

3. My roommate Laura taught me all of this, and is marrying Mike Butler, but we call him Mike Bat.